The Design Work Of Richard Salvucci

By Justin Davey

Traditional art is a rare thing to come by in this day and age, but there is one out there who has mastered the art of traditional methods out there like Richard Salvuucci has been able to do.

His first inspiration came from a comic book that his grandmother had brought him whilst they were on a family vacation exploring the mountains. It was a comic book starring the marvel superheroes known best as The Incredible Hulk. When Richard had read this comic book his quickly fell in love with the idea of becoming an illustration artist for his future career and there was nothing that was going to stop him.

Richard has been working freelance very successfully as a traditional illustrator for 25 years and counting and there is nothing holding him back just yet, as he is in the studio constantly refining his skills everyday learning something new to add to his spectacular style. Over the course of time Richard began to develop a love for animals and birds and these quickly became the main focus of the paintings in which he would create.

Richard attended an art college and graduated in the year of 1978. Soon there after he wasted no time and jumped straight into working professional in the creative industry and has been aiming for success ever since, and what a fulfilling career he has been able to enjoy so far.

In the early 1990's Richard attend a museum exhibition where he was able to see first hand the work of other great artists who painted wildlife also, one can imagine the vast out of inspiration Richard would have gained from taking a trip like this.

Richard is always moving within the artistic mediums as he hate the thought of being confided to a particular style and never allowing ones self to grow and develop as a n artist and an individual. His favourite mediums are oils, tempera, gouache, pencil and on the off occasion maybe ink, but in fairness there are many more in which could be listed here.

If you are a designer, artist or viewer, the online gallery of Richard Salvucci is defiantly one that you must lay your eyes upon, what more can one ask for from an artist of this magnitude. - 29856

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Kenny Kiernan Illustration

By Justin Davey

Born and raised in the city of New York is the fresh and hip designer who goes by the name none other than Kenny Kiernan. Placed second to none in his field of design Kenny has been able to come a long way since his younger days of a child drawing in the back of his school books and using tracing paper to copy his favourite characters.

Everyone must start his or her journey somewhere, but how it ends will be a different story for everybody. In Kenny's case the ending was nothing short of a happy one, as he was able to turn his dreams into a reality and take life into his own hands and do what he loves doing most.

Kenny has much experience and expertise in advertising, editorial and pharmaceutical illustration, toy, game and product packaging, so you can see he has a long list of expertise, and as time goes on, it can only truly get longer.

Using his refined and urban style of design Kenny has been able to successful complete many works on various projects for his own personal gain as well as well paying clients who always love what they see when Kenny is given a brief for a project which he has always completed to great satisfaction.

You have to be a stand-alone artist and not afraid to try techniques they may be new and strange to you, it is the only way in which a designer can grow and further themselves in his or her field of work. This is something that Kenny has known throughout his own career, using various techniques he has seen around him and simply just making them his own.

Styles such as Japanese anime and manga have greatly influenced the work of Kenny over time as well as illustrations of the comic book world. Putting his own flavour into these art formats he has created his own successful identity.x

To see the magnificent work of this talented retro artist be sure to check out what he has done so far up until recently, and be sure to prepare yourself for what is to come in the future. - 29856

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Beating The Competition For Freelance Jobs Online

By Luis Lazo

It is a competitive world out there and those with the winning edge seem to find the most success. Competition is fierce in the world of freelancing. The road to success can be dark and scary if you don't have the right guidance system to pave the way. Regardless of the freelance occupation you choose a little guidance can make the road a lot more rewarding.

Competition in the world of freelancing is brutal whether you are a freelance writer, a web designer, a web programmer or even a web developer. Prospective clients can afford to be choosy and they begin basing their decision with the opening bid you submit. Therefore, wouldn't be nice if you could find a way to learn a few secrets and drive right past your competition?

Many clients want to get a freelancer but it takes more than freelance skills to impress them. First you have to get their attention. That feat is not always easy with so many freelancers trying to get noticed. It sure would be helpful to get advice from someone who has been there.

There is nothing quite like the opportunity to enjoy one on one mentoring from someone who has a wealth of experience and has proven their success. Mentors can offer advice and answer questions that would take way too much time to learn on your own. Attempting to market your own abilities can be costly and ineffective. When you need assistance it sure would be nice to talk to someone who has some answers.

Marketing yourself can wind up costing you extended time and money and no guarantee for success. How many potential freelance jobs online will you miss during this process? The opportunity to develop a one on one relationship with a mentor is priceless. The tips and advice they offer can make the difference between success and failure.

Mentors are knowledgeable in what it takes to get you in the fast lane to success. They can help you with that initial bid proposal or answer questions and offer advice. Their successful past allows them to provide you with insight that normally takes years to learn. Finding a mentor can be very beneficial.

The field of freelancing can be a tough road to travel. Aspiring freelancers are lucky that there are many other freelancers that have traveled that same road and are willing to make the journey easier for others. Experienced mentors know where to go to get started and what you need when you get there. They know what clients are looking for. That knowledge can be priceless.

The difference between success and failure in the freelance field can often depend on the tools and resources you tap into on the journey. There is nothing wrong with exploring every opportunity at your disposal in order to obtain the success you seek. Whether that tool is an experienced mentor or perhaps some online classes geared towards providing valuable information, it is an opportunity that should not be taken lightly. - 29856

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The Artwork of Lael Henderson

By Justin Davey

Growing up in the area of sunny California is well known artist Leal Henderson. Currently living in beautiful mountains of Utah Lael still continues to strive in achieving nothing short of excellence, being the creative genius that he is, it seems as though he has a long more that he wishes to share with the rest of the viewing world.

Lael Henderson attended BYU and in the year 1993 he was successfully able to graduate with an BFA qualification in illustration. This was able to give him a head start in the creative industry where he developed a wide network of client ensuring guaranteed work as a freelancer that is hard to come by in this day and age.

Every artist must start somewhere and always start of with a particular artistic style, but over the course of time each and every artist must change and adapt their styles to fit with the current times especially as a designer. It has been 10 years in the making but Lael Henderson was able to move over from traditional art forms to join the age of digital media, where over the years he has created pieces that are each unique in their own right.

The majority of Laels career has consisted of him doing artwork for children's novels, or general children's illustrations. Seeing as he has a great expertise in this area of design there is no wonder as to why over time he has grown to be one of the very best illustrators in the industry today.

The style Lael uses in his work is always well versatile and you can never know what to expect next in his next piece of art. It could be something dark and gloomy or something bright and joyful. The details of his work tend to change with each and every project, the quality of being unpredictable is every great artist's greatest asset, and no artist wants the public to grow tired of repetitive and uncreative work.

My favourite piece of artwork by Lael Henderson is image of Little Frank, which uses very subtle but strong colours and tones, but the concept of the image is all so simple, yet very captivating.

Lael does have an online portfolio which is something you defiantly have to check out, there is much to be appreciated here.Lael does have an online portfolio which is something you defiantly have to check out, there is much to be appreciated here. - 29856

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Rod Hunt's Illustration

By Justin Davey

Living in the capital city of the UK, which is London for those of you who may not be too sure is the all-talented and accomplished designer Rod Hunt. His name may not be familiar to the average ear, but is surely familiar to the average eye. Rod is very well known in the creative world for his unique and clever approach to illustration. From what we have seen, we wonder how can things get any better for this gentleman.

Rods disciplines lie in the lifestyle, cartoon and conceptual artist categories. Looking at his work you can always see the unique and precise detail he has given every picture that he has ever worked on.

Appreciating across the world by viewers, designers and clients alike, Rods retro style has defiantly put him in the lime light on more than one occasion during his working career as a freelancer. If he keeps this passion and love for design and creative imagination going strong, there is no telling as to where Rod may end up In the near future.

Rod has even worked alongside LMC Design in designing the theme park map for Chessington World Of Adventures. He was able to create simple, colourful, fun and appealing illustrations that proved to be extremely friendly to anybody visiting the park and used this map for navigation.

Given the drive and passion Rod has demonstrated so far, you can be sure that he has plenty more tricks under his hat to share with the world soon enough, we can only sit back and embrace what more he has to share with us when the time is right.

You cannot miss out on checking out the all loved gallery of Rob Hunt, see for yourselves why the world is so impressed with his illustrations.

So much research was required to finish this project, but that was not going to stop Rob from getting the job complete to a more than satisfactory standard. - 29856

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You May Qualify for a Special New Vehicle Tax Deduction for State and Local Sales and Excise Taxes

By Sandor Lenner,CPA

During 2009, the government and car dealers took steps to stimulate the economy, with a focus on new vehicle sales. For those individuals that purchased new autos and vehicles, you should be aware that purchasing a new car, light truck, motor home or motorcycle that had a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 8,500 pounds, and paying state and local sales and excise taxes, may qualify you for a special deduction when filing your 2009 tax returns.

How Does this New Sales Tax Deduction Benefit You?- This tax deduction can be used whether or not you itemize other deductions on your tax return.

Vehicle purchases made from February 17,2009 to December 31, 2009, may qualify for this deduction under the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). A qualified motor vehicle is a passenger automobile, motorcycle or light truck, whose original use begins with that purchaser and has a gross vehicle weight rating of 8,500 pounds or less.

The deduction is limited to the sales and excise taxes and similar fees paid not to exceed $49,500 of the purchase price of a new vehicle. The deduction is reduced for joint filers with modified adjusted gross incomes (MAGI)that are between $250,000 and $260,000 and other taxpayers with MAGI that are between $125,000 and $135,000. If you have higher incomes then you will not qualify.

The good news is that this tax deduction is available to people that itemize deductions and those individuals that do not itemize. Furthermore, to use this special deduction, your must either file Form 1040A or Form 1040. It is unavailable to taxpayers who use Form 1040EZ.

Where is this Deduction Reflected in the 1040 Tax Return?- If you are unable to itemize your deductions, then add the sales tax paid for the vehicle to the standard deduction in the special area on your 2009 tax return. If you regularly use From 1040EZ then you should Tax Tip consider using and filing Form 1040 or Form 1040A instead of Form 1040EZ to obtain the benefit of this deduction.

Tax laws are complex, change constantly and each situation is unique. This article is not intended to provide legal or accounting advice. The reader should perform his or her own due diligence and consult competent professionals in this area. - 29856

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Ralf Kunstmann's Design Career

By Justin Davey

Leading and exploring designer Ralf Kunstmann has come a long way in the creative industry and has astounded many with his abilities and continues to do so, as he has so much more he is willing to share with the world. Born in 1960, Ralf has made it his sole ambition to become widely recognised in his field as one of the greatest, and with his hard working ethic and unique skills, it is not hard to believe that he has been able to achieve this over the years.

Ralf has been working in freelance since 1991 and has become a member of the Alliance of German Designers as well as the Member of the Association Of Art. So it is easy to see that Ralf has come along way, during his journey as a designer.

Ralf specializes in Photo, Nature and Traditional illustration and over the years, he has become great skilled in these areas, creating a combination of styles not seen before.

Photorealism is the art form that Ralf has specialised himself in over the years, using various artistic techniques to refine his art in a way like no other can imagine. It was 2003 when Ralf decided to change his focus of art and airbrushing techniques to follow a more abstract course of design, whilst all the while working on motives with nothing more than a putty knife.

Ralf has worked on various projects over the years even helping in the production of some of the artwork used for the movie Hancock, using very strong and slick colours, Ralf has managed to create modern, calm down earth various pieces of art which he has been able to share on a global scale with the world.

With one focus and ambition which was to grow, develop and adapt to the ways of the creative world, Ralf has become the best at what he does, and his keen drive to success will ensure that over time that he will only get better.

If you want to see what Ralf is all about, be sure to check out his online portfolio and see how much he impresses you. - 29856

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