David Fuhrer's Creative Design Work

By Kerisha Collins

Born and raised in Switzerland, this digital art specialist is very advanced with Cartoon, Abstract and Sci-Fi Illustrations.

He believes that growing up in the 90's and having such a good childhood has influenced much of his work.

He would create art from his toys as a child and enjoyed the company of the other kids in his neighbourhood in Switzerland. David has chosen the path of world fiction and surrealism to base his working style from.

David has managed to identify himself from most of other designers with his special designs. As his work is based in its own category of subject, David has successfully differentiated himself from the average designer by selecting this topic of design and applying it to his work.

His online portfolio displays a design piece called "Fake Serie", his faked abstract studies work. He has created this design on what looks to be a wooden floor background and the use of artistic brushes, worked on in Photoshop. In this, David has used.

His work has been displayed in magazines, web pages and books. He has featured in, FWA Web Design ad (Japan), Iniciativa (Cover & Feature), bkanal.ch (Web Feature), Space #27 (Magazine).

David says being creative has always been apart of his life, as you can see from his past events in life. David is now taking up 3D Designing to add to his list of accomplishments of the design world. He will study this technique through to master it as he has done with his other subjects. - 29856

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