How To Receive Unique Content Through Email in Wordpress

By Jessie Mickel

I just came across something very exciting. You can actually get a ton of unique content free for your BLOG. I contacted Article Submission Express on how you can take advantage of their program automatically and they are designing a video for instructions. At this time though I wanted to tell people how to do it because getting this unique content for your BLOG is great for SEO and your users.

Everyone can use more content, but writing articles can take for ever. That is where Article Submission Express comes in. They have tons of people writing articles to be distributed every single day. This article may have been distributed using their services. They have a top secret way of making each article that is submitted to them unique, and it is not with synonym swapping which usually makes them unreadable.

The site itself has not even published the video showing you how to do this, though it will be published very soon, so in this article I plan to take you step by step through the process so that you can begin receiving free unique content to your BLOG today. The first step is to access your Wordpress administration panel, Go to Settings and then to writing.

Scroll down and there is a spot that says Post via Email. Pick an email address that will be 100% unique to your site. Set your mail server to and then set your login to Leave the port at 110 because that is the default. Then go to where you set up your email accounts. Set up the email address you just put in your blog and the password you choose.

Now go to Article Submission Express, the link is below and sign up to receive articles via email. Once you have signed up Article Submission Express will send unique articles to your BLOG daily. Each day type the following into your browser http://yourblogdomain/wordpressinstalldir/wp-mail.php, this will load you up with articles. All you have to do is go in and edit and publish them and you have unique content to your website. - 29856

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