The Illustrations Of Annabelle Fiset

By Kerisha Collins

Annabelle Fiset is a freelancer, who has mastered graphics, illustration and Art Direction.

Her career began in Quebec City, 1998 and not long after that, she made the move to Montreal to work in advertising. This move was very crucial in expanding Annabelle's understanding of the role and application of image in a communications context.

From this she has gained panoramic vision of the work she would go on to create.

In 2005, she returned to her full-time passion, which is design. Since then, she divides her time between the clients, the agency "Infivia" and the silkscreen workshop.

Annabelle enjoys taking on the tasks asked by clients and her work shows that she takes great pride in the designs she is committing to. She has been very creative with her work as one of her pieces, where she has made portraits from lettered stamps.

She recently returned to the design world to pursue it as a full-time carer, which she divides her time along with the Infiva agency, clients and the silkscreen workshop.

Her approach to the design world with an open and free mind is combined with her desire to produce worthy designs and she has been awarded for her continuous efforts in '05, '08 and '09. Her work has then lead her to work with such companies as, Aliments Alternatifs 2000-Karnivor, Films de l'Oeil inc., Luz Films, Trafic Design. - 29856

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