Kode Logic Graphic Designs

By Kerisha Collins

This freelancer has not put down his pencil since the age of 6. Now 23, a more advanced artist, Kode has the Graphic, Photography and Illustration skills to create magnificent pieces of art as you can see from his profile.

From the age of six he was drawing and continued with his design mentality to newer heights, transforming some of those drawings into digital creations.

Just looking at his portfolio alone displays his abilities to create unique designs. his piece Take Our Place displays his usage of digitally enhanced colours and photography, that has been placed together to make the design look surreal.

With BossLogic identifying this type of design path, Kode has still been learning as he works, which leaves room for improvement to his current style.

One of his designs, titled Prime features Muhammad Ali in a splash of lighting effects. This piece is created based on photography and the graphic manipulation Kode is well familiar with.

I believe there will be good things to look out for with this designer and his up coming projects. He has worked for such companies as, Creations Jewellers - 2008, Roundtable Ent. - 2007, Playaz lane promotions - 2007, & More...

The talented people, whom he has a lot of respect for are people like fatoe, tksh and KDU designers as he finds them very inspirational. His theory is, if you start with everything and you choose if you want to lose it along the way, creativity is what holds us all together.

For years many aspiring artists have been won over by the stunning visuals of Kode Logic. Work of this nature is now very popular and trendy in the design world. You can see references to his work in numerous magazines and website portals worldwide. The type of effects that Kode produces can be found on inspirational websites like smashingmagazine.com, which is a great resource of tutorials from the worlds best artists. If video learning is your thing, then why not try lynda.com for interviews, understanding of all leading design software and sound advice. - 29856

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