Albin Christens Design Work

By Gavin Campbell

This master of Illustrations and Graphic Design knows what the audience want from the designs. Albin Christen has perfected his Conceptual and Lifestyle drawings to make his work so popular.

Albin has found a way to produce a design concept and work with it for over 13 years of his design career. The designs have grown over the years and it is clearly visible in his online portfolio.

The illustrations Albin creates are all similar with their own distinctive slant to identify each one as a separate design. Albin has been working on a poster for a children's Opera called "Le Chat Botte", which will be shown in his home town, Lausanne.

Albin loves the "work on demand" life-style that comes with producing work for his clients and customers. Albin also mentions that the development of the work has caught Albin off guard at times, as he never noticed the level he was at until stepping back from all that hard work.

Looking through Albin's work, you can see the wide range of media's, prints and colours that he has mastered over the years. You would expect someone with so many years of honing his skills to have this down but this is beyond a talent, this is a new wave of illustration style with the same techniques another designer can apply but Albin uses a different set of skills to create.

Clients from around the world have worked with Albin Christen, including Ritzenhoff, Adidas, Swatch,Montreux Jazz Festival, Loto-Quebec and many, many more.

Albin will not be planning for the future as he believes that he must live in the moment, to create designs never seen, heard or thought of before.

Albin can be found on the online portfolio website, along with his work and general information. If you would like to hire him, please see the bio section of his profile on the Pnworldwide site. - 29856

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