Ralf Kunstmann's Artwork

By Kerisha Collins

As a freelancer our featured artist uses unique and advanced methods to create his designs. Ralf Kunstmann has developed his skills in Traditional, Photo and Nature Illustration, as you can see in his online portfolio.

This freelance designer was born in Nuremberg, Germany, where he has been practising his art since 1991. He is also a member of the German Designers called Alliance and a member of the Association of Art in Erlangen.

For most of his years as a freelancer, Ralf has managed to specialise in certain areas with his work. This includes airbrushing mix-techniques, photorealism and painting fine colour shades.

He also understands that these methods and ways of working do not end here. Someone, somewhere will produce a better way of developing these skills and you always have to keep up with them and abreast of industry trends

Ralf decided to get into Abstract and developed his use of a putty knife in 2003. These styles hold much popularity with the public as they have no problems understanding what is being represented with the design features.

Now, Ralf has managed to develop a diverse form of photorealism, when he combines photography and painting together. These techniques can be quite tricky to master, as both types of skill must blend with one another or it just won't look right. This needs direct attention to detail at all times when trying to create a design from these techniques.

He still enjoys getting in front of the computer screen, creating one of-a-kind designs for customers. Ralf doesn't believe he could go back to analogue illustrations as he decided to go digital from 1998. This choice has made him what he is today and helped him maintain those amazing skills that produce his designs.

Sony Pictures, Daewoo Deutschland, Siemens, Campina, Wirtschaftswoche, Erdinger, Ytong and many, many more have used his services. If you require any more information about Ralf Kunstmann, his work, his techniques or general information, visit the website, where his online portfolio can be viewed to find out more. - 29856

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