Advice For Aspiring Illustrators

By Gavin Campbell

The most effective way to visually articulate a story or article is by using some type of illustration. This can be seen In main stream media everywhere, including the internet, T.V and publications. There really are no limit to the types of mediums that can be used to create illustrations. The artists who are responsible for this tend to specialise in a particular niche and style, using a particular or favourite medium, like painting, drawing or digital pens.

What qualifies a piece of art to be an illustration is it's visuals ability to complement some sort of written description or information. It is often used to expound on something textual. If you look around you right now, you will probably notice some type of illustration in a magazine, book, calendar, stationary, posters, billboard adverts, greeting cards and a host of other commercial projects. One of the most popular forms of illustration is done for children's books.

Many illustrators have turned to digital art in order to enhance or speed up their work-flow. Digital illustration provides an easier platform for all artists to work from, while still producing realistic traditional results.

Illustrators can receive hands on training from work experience, or study at universities or colleges. Many artists did not actually receive any formal training, but learned to develop there skills as a hobby.

If your interested in illustration as a career, then there are a host of institutions that can offer the relevant training. Course such as visual communications, fine art, animation and illustration courses are all available. Specialist art schools can be found in your nearest city or town.

A great way of boost your portfolio is it engage yourself in some sort of work experience with a locally established company. They will help you to understand how to deliver work to your client and hit important deadlines and maximise your chances of getting more design jobs.

Thousands of websites are being added to the internet everyday, and a large number of them rely heavily on illustration of some sort. This is where many illustrators capitalise on work opportunities, by producing banners, introductions and other types of imagery. - 29856

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