The Art Work Of Denise Biondo

By Kerisha Collins

Living in New York state in Buffalo is the creative genius of Denise Biondo. Growing up with a natural creative ability, Denise is set to take the world be storm with her unique style and sense for coming up with the right design for the customer's needs.

Denise has grown to become a master in flash, web, and graphic design. The combination of these skills has enabled her to bring in more work commissions and command a greater fee because of the all-round package she is able to deliver. But the knock on effect is that her customers find they can significantly increase their revenues because of the product Denise has provided them with.

Denise's work has a sophisticated feel to it. She often uses very few colours in her pieces, but the final results are instantly captivating.

Denise Biondo is a very easy going, imaginative individual and her love for exploring other cultures shows in her work. She enjoys travelling or simply spending time in various museums studying antiques. It is clear to see where she gets her inspiration. Living in a modern and fast moving society, her unflustered approach sets her apart from the rest. Where many look to the future for inspiration, she has always looked to the past.

Denise started out her creative life like many others, just for the fun of it, but as time progressed and her skills developed she was able to make a living from something that gave her so much joy.

Finding new and distinguished designers in this day and age is extremely rare, as many have just followed what others have done. However through her career Denise has used her work to be a trailblazer who is set apart from the crowd.

Denise's journey and future in graphic design looks very bright, and we all look forward to seeing her future creations. - 29856

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