Freelance From John Kordela

By Kerisha Collins

Southern California Status: Freelancer, Job Seeker Discipline 1: Architectural Illustration Discipline 2: 3D Illustration Discipline 3: Conceptual Illustration.

He believes that his work is out to bring unseen projects to life in a new 3D rendering or animation.

His efforts are pushed to the limit in his designs and he vows to continue to produce the high quality designs at affordable prices for any client or customer.

He has gone on to design the interior of a kitchen for a Developer in Long Beach, CA. The design holds all detail, including chairs, granite work surfaces and cupboard placement.

Other designs in his portfolio includes a Beach Front property design for a Developer in San Pedro, CA. This displays the exterior of the building, where the pool and back entrance path can be seen. Also, there is detail included such as outdoor chairs, plants, floor and roof tiling.

These designs are a part of a wider portfolio that has a selection of outstanding designs in it. He is customising his work and skills to suit the requirements of the market.

John's work has the ability to be very eye-catching, realistic and exactly what his customers and clients expect from him at his level of work.

If you are interested in these advanced designs in any field of design, you will need to work hard at it. It is obvious these skills do not come automatically; you do have to work for a period of time to control whatever you are trying to create to improve it each and every time.

John Kordela's illustrations can be viewed on his online portfolio, with a range of 3D, architectural and conceptual designs. - 29856

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