How To Manage Your Working Day As A Freelancer

By Gavin Campbell

Management is a very important skill and as freelancers this is imperative. What we need is a good management system so we can very easily find time to do the things that are most important to us, like finding design jobs for example. It really does not matter what profession your are in, time management is very important for all of us.

It is a very challenging thing for many of us to be able to manage time successfully. This is especially true if you are a freelancer or self employed person in any industry. In a traditional working environment it seems easier to manage your time because you have a boss giving you orders.

When your completely independent, with no boss, it then becomes a challenge to prioritize, especially with all of the day to day activities which need to be maintained. Client deadlines and an absence of social support can make things a little tricky.

If we take the time to be goal orientated, we many find a day to day runnings a lot easier. You may need a mentor to help you keep track of you targets, or maybe you might prefer to use a goals program, either way you will need some sort of performance tracker.

One thing that many of us are guilty of is taking out a lot of our time to investigate things which are not related to our targets or daily goals. We often think that the solution is to find more time to sort things out, but in actual fact we could probably achieve a lot in the time frame we already have. In just depends on how we share our responsibilities.

If you have not already done so, it would be a good idea to investigate some type of CRM (Customer Relations Management System). This sort of system allows you to save any type of database information, from emails to sales leads to prospective design jobs. There are some good free alternatives to the popular commercial programs out there.

If you are self employed a think its important to save every penny, then why not keep all of your information on your hard-drive or online, as oppose the printing it out and storing hard copies, which cost money. With USB pens and 200gb drives at such low prices, why not keep this precious information in a small space,which will give you more room to be creative elsewhere in your office. - 29856

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