The Illustration Of Craig Zuckerman

By Kerisha Collins

Craig Zuckerman is well known within the fields of Conceptual, Nature and Technical Illustration. This freelancer is based in Scarsdale, New York.

He has based many of his designs within Health Care advertisements and he holds 25 years of design experience. First using airbrushing, pen and ink, he studied the design world and then 16 years later, moving onto conquering digital design mediums.

His digital skills and knowledge comes to the fore using Animation, 3D, Photoshop and Illustration. Craig displays portfolio work based from advertising agencies, trade journals and medical malpractice law firms.

When Craig is designing, he finds it most pleasing when he is a part of projects that incorporate presentation compositions. Lately, he has also been involved with building up a "non" medical art portfolio, which will cover areas such as healthcare concerns and finance.

His work displays many concepts including a Neurologists of Serotonin and Mood Disorder slide show. The art work for it shows the 'two sides of theatre' masks, coloured in red and blue and they are placed on an upside down half of a brain. This displays the theme for who the design is created for.

Craig worked on a campaign for DDB Berlin, for their client, "Funk sunglasses". The concept won a bronze medal at the Cannes festival in 2008. One of those two illustrations also got accepted into the Society of illustrator's Annual Advertising Exhibit.

Craig has had design jobs with many customers and clients within his time and these include Wacoal Sports Science, LifeBrands, Saatchi/Saatchi, Ogilvy Healthworld, Wishbone/ITP, Roche Diagnostics, Grey Healthcare, Revolution Health, Integrated Communications, MedicusNY, Bell LLP, Corbett Worldwide, DraftFCB, DDB, EuroRSCG, RCW-McCann, Commonhealth, Martin and Clearwater.

Craig can be contacted for additional information about his work and himself. If you want to hear more about his work or want to hire him for a design job, feel free to contact him. - 29856

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