The Illustration Work Of Lindsey Meredith

By Kerisha Collins

Lindsey Meredith is a Graphic Designer, who also majors in Traditional Illustrations and Web Designs. Hailing from Ohio, USA, she has a range of pieces her on-line portfolio.

Lindsey now has 7+ years of experience in the design field. In 2008, she began her journey as a freelance designer by establishing the service Link Creative. With this, Lindsey offers an effective, one-of-a-kind illustration and graphic design service.

Lindsey is powered by the need to create illustrations from scratch and spend as many hours as it takes on it, to make it her perfection. Not only does she do this with her free-hand's, she keeps this style of creativity for all of her designs.

Research is another important factor in Lindsey's creative methods. She take pride in finding the correct information to include in her designs, just for that specific client.

With this natural ability to draw custom designs and lettering, she can meet the diverse needs of the clients. Her illustration of a Falcon was hand drawn, edited in Illustrator and then Photoshop . The colours and other context mix well with the focus on the Falcon. This illustration not only shows her ability as an illustrator but as someone who can use and merge designs multiple media's without any trouble and creating such a beautiful outcome.

She has managed to differentiate herself from most services by providing a custom platform for clients. But not only is Lindsey willing to help the customers meet their goals, she is willing to go that extra mile to set up those specific details they require to also set them apart from their competitors, when designing something like a logo for their company.

Having the need to provide for others is a skill not many people require and as a freelancer, that should be one of your main goals if you want to be successful in the design world. Lindsey appreciates inquiries or feedback on any of her designs, so feel free to contact her via the web site for further information that may benefit you and your work. - 29856

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