Marc Scheff Review

By Kerisha Collins

Freelancer Marc Scheff, located in Brooklyn in New York, is a skilled illustrator mastering Conceptual, Children's and Sci-Fi Illustrations.

He spent his childhood in the New England Comics store, in Boston. Here is where he read such fantasy novels as Galactus consumes planets. Upon finishing an unsolicited commission in fifth grade, Marc then illustrated a submission of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for the attention of author Douglas Adams.

When he didn't receive a response, he continued to work harder and harder to build his talent and skills.

Marc Is most happy when he is illustrating and painting for his customers because he is able to create inspiring designs. His specialist skills are based on creating images of portraits and fantasy art.

Marc has been awarded a BA in Fine Arts from the Academy of Arts University and a BA in Computer Science from Harvard University. This has helped him pay close attention to detail and learn the theoretical way of designing, as well as practical.

He continues to be a traditional artist but also incorporates the digital, as learning something new each day keeps his work fresh.

If you are in doubt to whether Marc can perform at such high standards, look through his portfolio that will not disappoint.

His life drawings for an iPhone application called "Brushes", demonstrates his painting skills in full detail. These images display facial details of four different figures but they are all consistant with each other by the way they have been drawn, the colour used and the subject they are about.

At this time in his career, Marc is doing a design job for a children's book, along with working for game and film companies. His passion for the work keeps him wanting to be more involved with the book and film industries.

Marc has a range of clients and customers who use his services. These include Breakthru films, Large Animal Games, Zynga Games, Mothership pictures, EA Games, and Dark Inertia Games.

If you are interested in any of Marc's work, background or even hiring him, you can do so via the website. - 29856

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