The Design Work Of Richard Salvucci

By Justin Davey

Traditional art is a rare thing to come by in this day and age, but there is one out there who has mastered the art of traditional methods out there like Richard Salvuucci has been able to do.

His first inspiration came from a comic book that his grandmother had brought him whilst they were on a family vacation exploring the mountains. It was a comic book starring the marvel superheroes known best as The Incredible Hulk. When Richard had read this comic book his quickly fell in love with the idea of becoming an illustration artist for his future career and there was nothing that was going to stop him.

Richard has been working freelance very successfully as a traditional illustrator for 25 years and counting and there is nothing holding him back just yet, as he is in the studio constantly refining his skills everyday learning something new to add to his spectacular style. Over the course of time Richard began to develop a love for animals and birds and these quickly became the main focus of the paintings in which he would create.

Richard attended an art college and graduated in the year of 1978. Soon there after he wasted no time and jumped straight into working professional in the creative industry and has been aiming for success ever since, and what a fulfilling career he has been able to enjoy so far.

In the early 1990's Richard attend a museum exhibition where he was able to see first hand the work of other great artists who painted wildlife also, one can imagine the vast out of inspiration Richard would have gained from taking a trip like this.

Richard is always moving within the artistic mediums as he hate the thought of being confided to a particular style and never allowing ones self to grow and develop as a n artist and an individual. His favourite mediums are oils, tempera, gouache, pencil and on the off occasion maybe ink, but in fairness there are many more in which could be listed here.

If you are a designer, artist or viewer, the online gallery of Richard Salvucci is defiantly one that you must lay your eyes upon, what more can one ask for from an artist of this magnitude. - 29856

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