Kenny Kiernan Illustration

By Justin Davey

Born and raised in the city of New York is the fresh and hip designer who goes by the name none other than Kenny Kiernan. Placed second to none in his field of design Kenny has been able to come a long way since his younger days of a child drawing in the back of his school books and using tracing paper to copy his favourite characters.

Everyone must start his or her journey somewhere, but how it ends will be a different story for everybody. In Kenny's case the ending was nothing short of a happy one, as he was able to turn his dreams into a reality and take life into his own hands and do what he loves doing most.

Kenny has much experience and expertise in advertising, editorial and pharmaceutical illustration, toy, game and product packaging, so you can see he has a long list of expertise, and as time goes on, it can only truly get longer.

Using his refined and urban style of design Kenny has been able to successful complete many works on various projects for his own personal gain as well as well paying clients who always love what they see when Kenny is given a brief for a project which he has always completed to great satisfaction.

You have to be a stand-alone artist and not afraid to try techniques they may be new and strange to you, it is the only way in which a designer can grow and further themselves in his or her field of work. This is something that Kenny has known throughout his own career, using various techniques he has seen around him and simply just making them his own.

Styles such as Japanese anime and manga have greatly influenced the work of Kenny over time as well as illustrations of the comic book world. Putting his own flavour into these art formats he has created his own successful identity.x

To see the magnificent work of this talented retro artist be sure to check out what he has done so far up until recently, and be sure to prepare yourself for what is to come in the future. - 29856

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