Ralf Kunstmann's Design Career

By Justin Davey

Leading and exploring designer Ralf Kunstmann has come a long way in the creative industry and has astounded many with his abilities and continues to do so, as he has so much more he is willing to share with the world. Born in 1960, Ralf has made it his sole ambition to become widely recognised in his field as one of the greatest, and with his hard working ethic and unique skills, it is not hard to believe that he has been able to achieve this over the years.

Ralf has been working in freelance since 1991 and has become a member of the Alliance of German Designers as well as the Member of the Association Of Art. So it is easy to see that Ralf has come along way, during his journey as a designer.

Ralf specializes in Photo, Nature and Traditional illustration and over the years, he has become great skilled in these areas, creating a combination of styles not seen before.

Photorealism is the art form that Ralf has specialised himself in over the years, using various artistic techniques to refine his art in a way like no other can imagine. It was 2003 when Ralf decided to change his focus of art and airbrushing techniques to follow a more abstract course of design, whilst all the while working on motives with nothing more than a putty knife.

Ralf has worked on various projects over the years even helping in the production of some of the artwork used for the movie Hancock, using very strong and slick colours, Ralf has managed to create modern, calm down earth various pieces of art which he has been able to share on a global scale with the world.

With one focus and ambition which was to grow, develop and adapt to the ways of the creative world, Ralf has become the best at what he does, and his keen drive to success will ensure that over time that he will only get better.

If you want to see what Ralf is all about, be sure to check out his online portfolio and see how much he impresses you. - 29856

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