Rod Hunt's Illustration

By Justin Davey

Living in the capital city of the UK, which is London for those of you who may not be too sure is the all-talented and accomplished designer Rod Hunt. His name may not be familiar to the average ear, but is surely familiar to the average eye. Rod is very well known in the creative world for his unique and clever approach to illustration. From what we have seen, we wonder how can things get any better for this gentleman.

Rods disciplines lie in the lifestyle, cartoon and conceptual artist categories. Looking at his work you can always see the unique and precise detail he has given every picture that he has ever worked on.

Appreciating across the world by viewers, designers and clients alike, Rods retro style has defiantly put him in the lime light on more than one occasion during his working career as a freelancer. If he keeps this passion and love for design and creative imagination going strong, there is no telling as to where Rod may end up In the near future.

Rod has even worked alongside LMC Design in designing the theme park map for Chessington World Of Adventures. He was able to create simple, colourful, fun and appealing illustrations that proved to be extremely friendly to anybody visiting the park and used this map for navigation.

Given the drive and passion Rod has demonstrated so far, you can be sure that he has plenty more tricks under his hat to share with the world soon enough, we can only sit back and embrace what more he has to share with us when the time is right.

You cannot miss out on checking out the all loved gallery of Rob Hunt, see for yourselves why the world is so impressed with his illustrations.

So much research was required to finish this project, but that was not going to stop Rob from getting the job complete to a more than satisfactory standard. - 29856

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